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About us?

Greetings and welcome

We are a company born in Venezuela, motivated by the need to provide our support to all those entrepreneurs and businessmen who seek to carry out their projects, and that they need the support of qualified professionals who can offer them optimal solutions and innovative ideas.

The same way, We want to open a new door for freelancers from all over the world to provide their services, and start generating income from anywhere.

One of our main purposes is: promote teleworking throughout the national and international territory.

We start from the development and design of a web platform, hand in hand with a professional team committed to the project; applying agile working methods and efficient techniques to achieve the established objectives, and to be able to translate the ideas of the project on the web.

Our founding team works hard to implement special functionalities and differentiating features; designed and applied to offer a quality service to our users.

Venlance is a creative web platform that offers the service for both employers and freelancers to establish hiring remotely, easily and safely.

On our platform you have at your disposal the best trained freelancers on the market to carry out any project, activity or task that is required.

We are Venlance...

Welcome & Greetings

Meet our team

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Luis Villarroel

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Humberto Castillo

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Joselin Milt

Project Director
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Samuel A. Díaz A.

Graphic Designer
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Maria J. Pryor G.

Social Communicator
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Nohely Allen

Responsible for Customer Service and Social Media Management
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David Rojas

Community Manager and Designer
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Luis Beroes

Content writer
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Gabriella Joslin

Content Producer